Lucky Charms

A Little Chat.
   It’s the little things…
Me: awake early!
I’m having coffee…looking last minute for nipple covers my cheaply made swimsuit doesn’t hide enough when I get chilly

Sordid Euphemism: 3.00 at Walgreen’s for the circular bandaids.

Me: LOL I’m afraid you’d see the bandaid under there too

Sordid Euphemism: Complaaaain, complaaaain, complaaain…

Me: and I was just on Walgreen’s site too lol – I wanted to stop there in particular because Lucky Charms and Multigrain Cheerios are $2 right now.
If you’re a parent… know how expensive Lucky Charms are.

Sordid Euphemism: I don’t buy ’em, unless Publix is having a 2/1 clearance.

Me: I recall you saying something about beating up whoever would invent bras that minimized nipples and bouncing…lol I never forgot that. In fact, that’s the onlyreason I’ve been able to brave wearing my thin ass bikini 3 times on the beach now.
But yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous, I can’t keep having to walk with my arms folded.

Sordid Euphemism: Anyone who would complain about a little nipplage or bouncing is either jealous or threatened.
The rest of us greatly appreciate your contribution.

Me: lol

Not that anyone was complaining to me, but I’d rather not have any extra attention. My boobs are already huge, so I’ve reached quota on that front. Ha! Get it? Front!
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