What to offer the world when all you want to do is spend money…

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged.

I didn’t really have one direction. It was more like several.

I don’t even think blogging is all that great for other people to read unless there was some sort of helpful diagrams/instructions/ideas that they could find useful. Like those up-cycling furniture blogs. They are pretty useful.

What have I got to offer to the world?

Well, I have advice on parenting, drinking, baking, picky and into gourmet on a budget grocery shopping, and thrift store finds.

I write and sing original music, but that shit is secret until I release an album.

I also have plenty of selfies to offer, but I digress.

I have plenty of interests, like sewing, video gaming, playing instruments, mosaics, sculpture, and other creative artwork endeavors, but I am not very experienced. Not enough to write about.

I got plenty of ideas and solutions to other people’s problems though.

So give me money and I’ll hook you up.

Mama wants to buy some season pass tickets to an amusement park this summer!

What do you do with your time? Now how can you (I) make money doing it?


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