No news is good news…in my case usually.

I’ve been looking at fabrics online for 3 days now.

I bought some of them and even scored some from the thrift store.

I suppose it’s time to get out the sewing machine and start making something!

I will be sending some of said fabric to an apron master so I can have a custom apron made so I can look and feel super cute making my homemade goodies that I started selling recently in a local coffee shop. How exciting!

Vintage Strawberry Fabric

Vintage Strawberry Fabric - Yum!

Today I love the..
Smell of: savory food cooking
Sound of: The Police
Taste of: zucchini muffins
Sight of: new tv!
Feel of: hot shower

Good Things about Today:
– husband home.
– got a new tv for downstairs!
– booked massages for thursday
– kids have new Dora computer game they like

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The Epic Frozen Pizza Battle! Which will win?!?!?

Tombstone: B


Tombstone regular cheese pizza came out with a nice gooey cheese. The kind that stretches all out all stringy like a never-ending…well….string. The sauce was pleasant and not too sweet or salty, so it gets a decent grade. The crust wasn’t too crispy and of course I cooked it perfectly so it wasn’t too doughy either. There is a bit of the dreaded frozen flavor, (PENALTY!) but it’s a frozen pizza. What do you want? Points for stringy cheese, penalty for crust flavor.

Elios: B+


Gets the job done. It’s a rectangle. It’s cheap. It doesn’t taste like ass. Actually, it tastes pretty good considering it’s a frozen pizza. It’s salty enough that the taste actually grows on you and you’re like, “Yes, I like this, I think!”  The crust isn’t all that thick, but it’s not a cracker and is pretty strong. It’s so strong in fact, that you may find yourself having a hard time cutting it if you overcook it, so don’t overcook it and it will be just fine. There is a good deal of sauce and minimal cheese, which cooks out to congeal as soon as it cools some. Kids like it, but prefer the shape of the triangle over the rectangle. Points for decent sauce flavor and cheap price, penalty for the cheap tasting, hard crust that goes with it.

Red Baron Classic Crust: A-


The four cheese pizza has a good taste (Simple! Rustic!). The cheese is not stretchy or stringy, but instead, stays a solidified unit, retaining it’s baked cheese taste. The sauce is slightly sweet and salty, giving me that “rustic” feel. You can see the herbs on the cheeses, also adding to it’s flavor appeal. The crust came out just right and didn’t reek of frozen flavor. I liked this one for taste, but the kids prefer the stretchy cheese of the Tombstone. Still not a wower like a fresh pizza, but it’ll do. Points for flavor, penalty for cheese texture.

RED BARON WINS! (for ME) Of course, kids like them all, but they do appreciate the cheesiness of the TOMBSTONE.

I’m sure another battle will ensue one of these days, but I’m kind of sick of pizza for now. 😀

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