The Sound of a Legend

Legend (1985) is a movie that will forever have a place in my psyche, but I give credit to the soundtrack just as much as I do the wonderful cinematography.

Take this memorable Darkness Seduction scene for example. Here it is with the US film version as scored by Tangerine Dream. This is why it is so appealing. It is totally seductive and fantastical. My friend agrees…

heatherbat: it being a waltz was a much better call, too…waltzes are seductive…they have a heartbeat rhythym to them. they make you sway.

This music makes it an intimate den of lust…

…however with the Director’s Cut score by Jerry Goldsmith, it seems more classical and formal. I do not get the sense of seduction as intimate as the previous version. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s totally possible to be seduced in a formal setting, but this isn’t Batman here, this is simply just a case of wonder without lust. If you’re going to be seduced by the Lord of Darkness himself, you gotta leave the choir out of the picture, because the sound of all those voices kind of turns it into a circus show with an audience…and voyeurism just doesn’t seem like Big D’s style.

Either way, Tim Curry’s voice certainly does not dampen the mood, but it DOES dampen other things. LOL

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  1. Ha! I know I saw Legend, but I can’t really remember it. Think I’ll save the videos until I’m home from work.

    • Did you get a chance to see them?

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