Love Lessons

Lessons in love can be found in voice lessons

Now you can sing because you’re a singer — not because it’s going to make you rich and famous and fix all of your problems. True singers can go months, even years without anyone hearing their voices in public and still call themselves singers. My concern with you is that you’ll start to feel guilty for not pushing forward and decide that you are now a non-singer. There absolutely no reason to make such a declaration. You are what you are and the years ahead will play out just as they were always going to. I think it’s a mistake for people to deny themselves the joy of singing just because they’re not as obsessed with improvement as they once were or gaining public acceptance. Just as I think it’s a mistake for people to bail out of a marriage because it’s not cupids and month-a-versaries any more.

And from a pile of bones too.

Skeleton Woman [The Life/Death/Life Nature] – An Inuit Folk Tale

(yes do click the link and read the full folk tale, it’s awesome)

This tear of passion and compassion is most often wept after the accidental finding of treasure, after the fearful chase, after the untangling – for it is the combination of these that causes the exhaustion, the disassembling of defenses, the facing of oneself, the stripping down to the bones, the desire for both knowledge and relief. These cause a soul to peer into what the soul truly wants and to weep for loss and love of both.

To love another is not enough, to be “not an impediment” in the life of the other is not enough. It is not enough to be “supportive” and “there for them” and all the rest. The goal is to be knowledgeable about the ways of life and death, in one’s own life and in panorama. And the only way to be a knowing man is to go to school in the bones of Skeleton Woman. She is waiting for the signal of deep feeling, the one tear that says, “I admit the wound.

So the sunset doesn’t necessarily mean the end of passion. It’s just a matter of accepting the cycle of life/death/life.

Otherwise, you may forever be chasing dying dreams, instead of living them.


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  1. Getting to the point where you can accept that cycle can be a long, arduous journey all to itself. Accept we must, though, in order to go on living.

    But keep in mind that acceptance of the cycle does not mean one has to accept less than what you deserve, just because its part of the cycle. Love is never the wrong answer, and there is the danger of mistaking comfort for truly being loved.

    We should all admit of the wound. If the Other cannot do that…then it does not bode well for true Love.

    Am I making sense? 🙂

    • Glad you found me! Yes, yes, you make sense but that doesn’t make it any less perplexing.

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